The Globe and Mail supports the DAAC’s Political Ads Program

The Globe and Mail voiced their support of the Digital Advertising Alliance of Canada (DAAC)’s self-regulatory program, which was built to increase political ad transparency in Canada, modelled after the Election Modernization Act which came into effect recently, amending the Canada Elections Act.

Officially launched on June 28th, the DAAC’s Political Ads Program ( includes a platform that makes it easy for political advertisers to meet the new transparency requirements in the revised Canada Elections Act.

The Globe and Mail was the first large publisher to confirm that the program is compatible with their ad serving system. Other organizations are encouraged to test out the tags by contacting the DAAC.

The program’s tags work automatically to overlay an ad with information about who the political advertiser is, with very little support required by the publishers that accept the tags generated from the DAAC’s notice platform. This is good news for publishers who have limited time to troubleshoot time-sensitive election ads.

The benefit of using the program for a partisan or election advertiser is that it provides the necessary information required in the Act to online users in a readable, interactive, manner. The DAAC also verifies advertisers on a publisher’s or ad tech provider’s behalf, ensuring the advertiser is Canadian and registered with Elections Canada.

There are various ad sizes that the program supports, including mobile and video ads. Custom-built native advertising sizes can also be created by working one-on-one with the DAAC and their compliance partner, Forward Logic. The DAAC is ready to register political advertisers right now that want to provide greater transparency to Canadians online.


The Globe and Mail support for the DAAC’s Political Ads Program

Rosalyn Morris, Product Manager at The Globe and Mail stated, “The Globe and Mail has tested the notice provided through the DAAC’s program and can confirm that it works within our online ad serving platform. We encourage political advertisers in Canada to consider using the DAAC’s program to ensure that proper notices are in place when they work with us.”

About the DAAC’s Political Ads Program

The Political Ads self-regulatory program makes it easy and cost-effective for political advertisers to meet new transparency requirements in the Canada Elections Act without cluttering their ads.

The purple icon used in the program is a symbol that can be easily recognizable to online users, allowing them to find out more information about who delivered the political ad to them.

The DAAC’s expertise and focus is with regulatory compliance that provides information but is not disruptive to an advertiser’s message. The DAAC licenses the purple icon and text that is placed on political advertisements online which, if hovered over or clicked/tapped, will show you more information about who placed the ad in accordance with the transparency requirements in the Canada Elections Act.

Demos of the platform are available upon request. Visit our contact form to arrange one.


About DAAC

The Digital Advertising Alliance of Canada (DAAC) is a consortium of Canada’s national advertising and marketing associations. It was created to provide a robust and credible program for responsible online interest-based advertising. It’s main program,,  provides a blue triangular in the corner of ads that can be clicked or tapped to see who posted the ad and enables people to opt out of receiving a specific type or series of ads.