Political Ads

Do you want to know who paid for the political ad you’re seeing?

Look for the purple icon.



About the Political Ads Icon

The DAAC’s Political Ads Program is designed to increase transparency for political advertising online.

The Political Ads icon serves as an immediate, simple, and intuitive tool for people to get information about the political ads they’re seeing by providing information modelled after recently amended Canada Elections Act requirements.


Register for the Program

Register to participate in the DAAC’s Political Ads program. Advertisers must be in compliance with all applicable registration requirements of Elections Canada in order to participate.

View a PDF of information for the election advertising period

Election period transparency| Click to enlarge

Election period transparency| Click to enlarge

On-Demand Webinar

View a recording a recent webinar that was held.

The Political Ads Program components are discussed at length, including the in-ad transparency tool that is included as part of program participation.

About the DAAC

The Digital Advertising Alliance of Canada (DAAC) is a not-for-profit consortium of seven marketing and advertising trade associations, and is responsible for administering the AdChoices (YourAdChoices.ca) self-regulatory program in Canada, which has expanded in scope to the political advertising sector (the Political Ads Program).

Through the Political Ads Program, the DAAC offers a standardized way for political advertisers to inform users about who is delivering the ad to them.

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